Hi, my name is

Mia Scarpati.

I’m a computer science & statistics student at Northwestern University passionate about building innovative solutions to challenging problems.


About Me

I’m a junior at Northwestern pursuing a B.S. in the McCormick School of Engineering in Computer Science and Statistics. I’ve always been fascinated by the intersection of finance and technology and have armed myself with experience in the field ranging from running my own FinTech club at Northwestern (NCM Quantitative Strategies) to pouring through countless research papers on trading strategies. When I have free time, I love to lift weights, cook, read, and travel.

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Stock Price Predictor

My first experience using any machine learning tools, I built a stock price predictor using an LSTM model. This project inspired me to take Northwestern’s Machine Learning course this coming winter as well as explore the use of ML in trading strategies. I’m fascinated by the math that underlies ML and look forward to working with more than just “from keras.layers import LSTM” in a few months.

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2024 Quantitative Trading Intern

Virtu Financial. New York, New York.

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2023 ISG Risk Summer Analyst

Morgan Stanley. New York, New York.

Check out my resume here.

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